2.9% A Victory ?

I am utterly astounded by I Dave making this statement. This is an utter disaster, the very fact that the EU wanted a 6% expansion in its spending just shows how out of touch with econnomic reality the EU is and it should have been contemplating massive cuts not expansion.

In times past this country has always resisted expansionary powers seeking to politically dominate this country, here we have a Prime Minister actively diverting additional funds from this country to a supra national power and crowing how well he has done.

We know that I Dave has no time for libertarian or constitutional Government otherwise we would have less Government not more, and the people would have spoken in a referendum on Lisbon. He promised this and went back on his undertaking to the British People.

We have nothing less here than the naked excercise of a clique in power in both London and Brussels, if we had a constitution, I Dave would have acted against the Constitution that vests sole power in the British people.He is acting in the financial interests of a supra national power that does not have the active assent of the people.

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