Spending Review: Which plan did they use? - Plan 9 from outer space!

Those geniuses from our in-touch and financially astute coalition government and their brainy, experienced, selfless civil servants came up with a cunning plan for the 2010 Spending Review ™.

Just to remind those from another planet, the immediate problems our country faced as at the time of the Spending Review in October 2010 were:
  • Huge existing debts
  • The need to borrow huge amounts each year
  • The need to print millions in monopoly money each year (they call it Quantitative Easing)
  • A ruinous, huge annual public sector spending.
  • Part of the public spending is down to the EU in terms of annual membership fees, lost business because of illogical EU rules, welfare payments being paid to the millions of immigrants the EU forces us to import.
  • The majority of the recent extravagent increases were due to Gordon Brown's hard left policies of making more people dependent on the state and more government interference.

What was the Con Lib Dem solution? Guess which one of the following spending plans our enlightened masters chose:

Plan A - No cuts.
  • Keep spending at the existing £696 billion per year.

Plan B - Small cuts of 2% per year.
  • By 2014 we should be spending the same amount as 2008/09.

Plan C - Cuts of 5% per year.
  • By 2014 we should be spending the same amount as 2007/08.

Plan 9 from Outer Space - NO CUTS, but INCREASE spending.
  • Keep increasing the public sector spending EVERY year.
  • Keep borrowing MORE money each year.
  • Keep increasing the national debt each year.
  • INCREASE foreign aid by billions. Throw these billions into the swiss bank accounts of foreign dictators. Throw this money to India so that she can continue her billion dollar space program. N.B. India has just bought a multi-billion dollar aircraft carrier.
  • INCREASE, by several billions, the throwing away of money on unproven "green" technologies which are not based on settled, empirical science. In any event, these projects will be completely useless against the global increases in CO2 from China, USA etc. By the way, CO2 is an essential plant food, it is not a poison!
  • INCREASE by billions the membership fees we pay to the EU (which gives us nothing in net value).
  • Continue the hard left policies of Gordon Brown with a few cosmetic tweaks on Housing Benefit.

[Hat tip to Richard North at http://eureferendum.blogspot.com]

Source Data
Public Sector Spending

2004–05 Actual £492.377 billion
2005–06 Actual £524.006 billion
2006–07 Actual £550.046 billion
2007–08 Actual £582.534 billion
2008–09 Actual £629.844 billion
2009–10 Estimate as at Jul 2010 £669.260 billion

2010–11 Planned £696.800 billion

2011-12 Forecast £701.8 billion
2012-13 Forecast £713.0 billion
1013-14 Forecast £724.2 billion
2014-15 Forecast £739.8 billion


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