Speaking Fabian Lesson # 32

' There Are A Suite Of Issues involved'

Type of person using this phrase

I am a very clever person who is now working for a Quango/Fake Charity/Eco-lobby, and I have now mastered the parallel language and buzzwords that mark me out as an 'insider' and politically sound.

Literal Translation

This is dreadfully important as far as my Quango/Fake Charity/Eco-Lobby is concerned, and therefore requires oodles of public money to keep myself in the luxury I have become accustomed to

See also special pleading

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    "I am a passionate believer in enabling the stakeholders in our society and I am a tireless supporter of communal justice. I have been working 24/7 for the XYZ Wonk Tank for two years, working with fellow PPE Oxbridge grads, trying to formulate policies that will take our under-represented Westminster Bubble classes forwards."

    "I feel that my experience in the private sector (6 months as a photocopying assistant in the PR department for Blando TV Corp) gives me the unique perspective to understand the hard working, honest families of the UK (even if they do send their offspring to state schools)."

    "Of course I have a zeal for fighting for the rights of all of the oppressed sectors in our society, especially underpaid and overworked MPs, MEPs, Scottish MPs, Welsh MPs and the brave Bureaucrats and Eurocrats who enrich (themselves) and all of our lives."


    - Lying
    - Troughing of expenses
    - Breaking solemn pledges
    - Destroying liberties
    - Raising extortionate taxes
    - Suppressing the honest hardworking people
    - Subsidising sponging wastrels and loser politicians
    - Staying out of touch
    - Continuing to behave like scumbags

    By the way this is not just the "classical" fabians in Noo Lab, the Lib Dems and Greens, but it also includes their Neofabian counterparts in the Cameronian Con party and most of the public sector.