A nest of what?

This blog is an open home for all the fans of Anna Raccoon, hopefully to allow the continuation of the spirit of her blog.

The Raccoon has gone, but long may her spirit live on!


  1. Good. All hail Ms. Raccoon, and may shit thunder down from the heavens above on those who drove her away.

  2. Fare the well, Anna. Your insightful and beautifully-written posts will be missed.
    Also gone:
    The Slog
    & now (but hopefully not) OH
    What is happening? Just because Brown's dysfunctional & mendacious gang have gone does not mean all's well again. We need more bloggers with good links & insider information (especially like John Ward) to expose the wrong-doings, which continue unabated.

  3. It should have said Thee of course!
    Bless you SN, ED P.

  4. Will miss you, Anna, you have my sincere respect.

  5. Anna Raccoon was the first blog I looked at every day. She was the candle in the darkness. I'm sad she has departed the blogosphere but equally happy to read she is spending her time doing what she wants to do, that's libertarianism in action.

  6. Sir is not happy, not happy at all. She is not the only one to depart recently who were well informed and did not mind taking a swipe at something or someone that richly deserved it. What is worrying is that it is some of the better informed and more incisive blogs that tend to be targeted. Good luck to the cubs.

  7. Poetry corner....>

    Farewell then
    Anna Raccoon

    Your posts were wistful
    And inciteful
    And empassioned

    You were hounded
    By smaller
    And more feeble minds

    You are gone
    But not forgotten

    (E.J.Thribb, aged 11)

    I doubt that the Private Eye will publish this, even though they nick some of my other stuff!

  8. How sad that mindless net-thugs drove away one of the very best bloggers on the net.

  9. I have just read her parting post on: http://grumpyoldtwat.blogspot.com/2010/10/final-words-of-anna-raccoon.html

    I feel awful for her. I also feel awful for me, I loved that blog, the standard was phenomenal. It was gold, pure gold. Anna herself was commentator without equal. That easily applies to all the paid journalists and commentators. She was their better by far.

    She was a truly brilliant blogger and I’m sure a wonderful human being. Her writing was fluid and engaging her points sharp, her messages deep. Oh how I would love to be able to write like her. Oh how privileged I was to be able to read her while I did.

    The left and its hate, its vile twisted unhand rot. They have claimed a scalp, as they undermine so many. Delingpole has a great piece out at the moment about how one hater spent years twisting 5,428 Wikipedia entries to remove truth, and subvert the message: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/jamesdelingpole/100059077/professor-hal-lewis-is-not-an-irrelevant-senile-old-fool/

    But these people cannot stamp out right-minded thinking, the truth. Because although at any British school and every time we turn on the BBC we are actively brainwashed to the opposite. But right-minded thinking is instinctive. We love people like Anna because she so eloquently wrote about that which we know to be true.

    If there was something I could do for Anna I would. Tragically I do not think there is so instead I shall be reading her cached article lamenting it will be decades at least until us libertarians have another of her quality to write what we feel.

  10. I am bereft. I loved that Raccoon site, I did. I'd have given that Raccoon my last Werther's Original, I would.

  11. I hadn't managed to read Anna's site as regularly as i'd have liked, lately, i will miss it a lot.
    I would have given her my last rolo !