Still Living In A Security State

I would commend anybody to read the excellent post by Tom Paine today on the continuing affront to civil liberties the use of house arrest by anonymous public servants who cannot find enough evidence to bring somebody before the Courts so they get them confined to their homes on the grounds of National Security.

Personally I find it a little frustrating that most people still believe that they believe that they live in a free and independent country despite all evidence to the contrary.

The Coalition Government have not removed the odious Nu Labour home arrest from our statute books, they still have not repealed the Act that allows American Courts to lift British Citizens from these shores without prima facie evidence being presented to the Courts, yet we cannot do the same to Americans.

The astounding case of Liverpool Foorball club is another case in point. RBS (us) own this football club, yet we are waiting on a Judge in Dallas, Texas to tell us what we are allowed to do with an asset indirectly owned by the Taxpayer.

If you give de facto recognition to a foreign court that is the end of being an independent nation, we have already made the EU a superior level Court.

All these things are possible because we have no Constitution that protects life, liberty and freedom of the individual above all else.

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