Talkin' Bout My Generation

What an embarrassment my generation actually is. I've said before about how I was ashamed to be a part of this generation, due to the mini-riot over a Primark Sale, but now I feel it is time to completely divorce myself from this self centred, self deserving, materialistic bunch of pathetic, "apathetic socialists".

The reaction from my age group to the Spending Review has been really quite telling. There are millions dieing worldwide due to hunger and warfare, helped in many ways by our interventionist Government. There are hundreds of thousands of families facing a future of unemployment, within the private sector as well as the public, helped in many ways by our small business hating Government. There are just over 60 million people in this country watched and spied upon, thanks entirely by our liberty hating Government.

Where were you when all of these people were in trouble? Were you marching on the streets? Were you fighting for civil liberties? Were you protesting against the war? Were you campaigning for a fairer tax system and more freedom?


Of course you weren't.

You were sitting indoors, in your warm double glazed house in suburbia. You didn't give one when it mattered. So why are you suddenly protesting? Campaigning? Fighting?

That's right...

You have been spurred into action because all of a sudden there is a chance you will have to pay a bit more to go to Uni. All of a sudden there is a chance you won't receive your nice £30 in the bank every week for the privilege of going to college for a few days a week.

Welcome to the real world. The world doesn't owe you anything. You're meant to prove yourself before you can start bleating on like a crazed lamb.

A crazed, bleating lamb is all you are. Nothing more.
The above image is to demonstrate what a lamb should look like- non crazed and not bleating.

Alex Ellis Roswell - LPUK Student

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